"Back to the roots" company, which is aiming to make food personal again and at the same time to bring ecology and modernity to everyday life. A home aquaponics garden - is a self-cleaning fish tank that grows food. The consumer feeds the fish, which produce waste, and then it gets pumped up to the plants. This waste serves as fertilizer for the plants, allowing consumers to grow a variety of fresh produce, including spinach, baby greens, oregano, beans, basil, mint and so on. Style: On the front page we placed beautiful, high quality pictures in order to raise an interest and to get a clear understanding of the product we are offering. To demonstrate that this website is for the eco product we used white background. Combined with light blue as a part of the logo color as well as to make an atmosphere of reliability and to show that AquaFarm product and the website itself as something you can trust on.


Creative team: Ilona Baciuskaite, Kristine Visnape, Mikkel Gammelgaard;